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About Us

Perfect and Lourdes Vigil bought what is known today as Carniceria La Chiquita in 1992. At that time the store was an old abandoned building. But Perfect had a dream of creating a truly unique Mexican grocery store. After one year of dedicated hard work and remodeling, the Vigils’ opened the doors in February 19,1993.

Carnicera La Chiquita has been family owned for almost 30 years!

Creating a success business wasn’t easy, as Perfect and Lourdes built their beloved Mexican grocery store while also taking on side jobs to support their family. Building a devoted clientele, Carniceria La Chiquita has grown, including offering a wide variety of products and welcoming a taqueria to enjoy a homemade meal. Passionate about creating a community feel, the Vigils have maintained a family-oriented environment where customers are treated more like family and greeted by first name.

If it isn’t top quality meats and or products you won’t find them at Carniceria La Chiquita.

Second generation Vigils, filled with the same passion as their parents, now help manage Carniceria La Chiquita. Perfect and Lourdes’ children are dedicated to maintaining the store’s stellar reputation and its’ family-friendly feel. The entire family is appreciative of the store’s numerous loyal customers, many who have been shopped at Carniceria La Chiquita since they opened.

Stop by today for their popular chorizo sausage, made with love from a well-guarded family recipe.